Pipe Kit 10

Pipe Kit 10 Briar Block
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$36.50 - $41.50
Desc: Large Plateaux, Drilled for bent, includes Vulcanite Stem.
Stem material:

Large Plateaux, Drilled for bent, Military Style, Lucite or Vulcanite Stem.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sid C, 04/10/2017

I got hurt and lost full function of my hands. I decided to play it safe by buying predrilled blocks. The drilling is as good as I could have done before, and I'm very picky. The wood is great. I could ask for no more.

Reviewed by Raymond G, 10/27/2016

This kit was the best piece of briar I have received from three different sources. It was perfectly drilled. Beautiful grained and very dense. I will be ordering another block or two for winter projects.

Reviewed by Raymond G, 10/01/2016

I bought 4 kits from two different companies and ther was no comparison. The quality of this kit was fabulous. The wood was very hard with straight deep grains. It made a beautiful pipe. It is my new favorite.


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