Bent Ball

Bent Ball
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$150.00 - $230.00
Finish: Cabernet/Mocha
Finish/Rating :
Cool Smoking, Thick Walls Yet Balanced To Be Light. Medium Size, Straight Bowl.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by HutchKing , 03/21/2018

Mark made me one of these in the coral finish. This is one fine pipe! The feel in the hand, the draw, nice thin stem and the taste the pipe delivers is fantastic! Mark makes a great pipe and is a real gentleman to do business with. Thanks Mark!

Reviewed by Steven J, 04/30/2017

Nobody, anywhere, makes a better pipe than Mark Tinsky, and very few make one as good. I just added a Pristine bent ball to my collection and it is gorgeous. I have no doubt it will soon become one of my favorite smokers.

I have a fair number of fine "artisan" pipes and old British classics. They're all very nice pipes but mostly, they're sitting in the pipe racks.

When I pause to hold and admire a pipe, it's almost always one of Mark's these days.

And when I choose a pipe to smoke, I pick up one of Mark's pipes.

As far as I'm concerned, Mark Tinsky is the dean of American pipe makers.